Las Actividades para Adultos Mayores que Elevan la Calidad de Vida

With a few exceptions, we all hope to become older adults in the best possible way. It is a reality that the march of life undoubtedly indicates that this will be one of the last stages in people’s lives. But how can we manage to maintain a quality life at this stage? Are there specialists who facilitate successful Senior Activities?

Now, with great enthusiasm today we can say yes; there are a large number of activities designed to improve the quality of life of older adults . Similarly, a group of experts specialized in providing and offering the best service; for those grown-ups we love so much.

Consequently, My Substitute Son is a group specialized in the care of older adults. Care that goes beyond just providing quality of life based on data; statistics and medical and company care .

So our attention is based on sincere empathy; We offer and provide activities for older adults that will undoubtedly take their quality of life to a higher stage. Follow us in reading and discover why you should hire our services.

Benefits of activities for older adults

Activities for Seniors

Having a high quality of life goes beyond meeting basic health and nutrition requirements. The care package that My Substitute Son offers will make our older adults have a true ally of life; young and university staff with a true vocation.

Well, that includes the best activities for older adults , recreational activities, stimulants, physical activity and health, relaxation, crafts and many others. Surely you ask yourself, what are the benefits of activities for older adults?


Recreation is something that we can define as the creation or production of something new ; in the same way, we refer to other synonyms such as having fun, delighting, rejoicing, in the midst of daily routine activities.

Therefore, our specialists provide recreation as one of the special activities that is included in our care package.

· Physical activity and health

Benefits of activities for older adults

Older adults need physical exercise routines to maintain a consistent state of health. Good physical activity keeps older people in good health ; At the same time that they have fun, they have joyful and funny moments.


Now, it has been shown that every certain period of time it is necessary for older adults to experience states of relaxation. This undoubtedly brings great benefits for their mental and physical balance.

Knowing this, our staff is fully trained to perform a lot of exercise activities that promote total relaxation for older adults.

· Crafts

It is well known that with old age it appears in very problems to see the joints, mainly those of the hands.

As it is our goal to provide comprehensive care that allows activities for older adults at home; maintain optimal health, we have a variety of activities that involve fine and gross motor skills.

Who are the older adults who are best for a care service like ours?

The activities designed for the elderly undoubtedly seek to maintain an adequate standard of living for them. But what are the results of the older adults to whom these activities are directed?

A specialized service like ours is aimed at those older adults who are in a stage where they still have a certain independence . However, our range of action is very wide.

Specialized activities for the elderly are always thought, planned and executed in order to improve; not only the quality of life but also to create a unique empathy and connection.

 This is precisely the point that differentiates us from the competition; The activities that we offer to our users go through an enormous quality control supervised by professionals.

How to raise the quality of life of our older adults?

Activities for older adults in quarantine, for example, are very different from those carried out and executed at other times.

So, raising the quality of life of the two older adults implies not only covering the basics of everyday life, but also other deficiencies such as loneliness, sadness and discouragement.

On the other hand, the development of current life often prevents families from always staying together. Work, time, occupations and making commitments are some of the elements that many older adults cannot carry out with their loved ones, activities like the ones we mentioned above.

An effective solution in hiring professionals like us who make your life easier ; to those beings that we love so much. The best of all is that you should not leave the house because we go to them.

So, if you are thinking about how to best serve those older adults who are under your responsibility; do not hesitate to look for professionals like us. The health and well-being of our loved ones is something we cannot play for or leave in the hands of just anyone.

The family as a fundamental axis in activities for older adults

Without a doubt, the family continues to be the fundamental axis of life in society, therefore promoting recreational activities and good times is vital to maintain the unity and well-being of its members.

So , leave everything related to the care of those who now require it in the hands of professionals . The number of activities we have for them and to increase their quality of life is gigantic.

Our service is totally alternative and differs greatly from the services provided in nursing homes. Human quality is the most important thing for us, as well as the connection between the elderly and their companions.

Perhaps the good result of our service depends on this, the vocation is the first requirement demanded by the personal and, the family must always prevail, a patient unit separated by day-to-day activities.


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