5 razones para reconsiderar un Hogar de Ancianos

Old age is one of the final stages of people’s lives; undoubtedly we all have the desire to reach it in the best possible way. When we mention this we refer to all areas, both in health, company, well-being, economy and more. Taking a family member to a nursing home can be a difficult decision, but at some point we may need to make it. For this reason we present you 5 reasons to reconsider a Nursing Home.


  • You can have the care that you cannot give at home
  • The work activities of family members are not interrupted
  • Medical care is the order of the day
  • They can share with other people of the same age


  • It stops being shared with some relatives
  • A new economic responsibility is acquired
  • Grandchildren offer away from their grandparents

Nursing home What is it?

Nursing home What is it?

Due to the above, the need arises to clearly define what a nursing home is, its characteristics and functions. A nursing home is a facility specially equipped to provide care for the elderly.

A nursing home has qualified staff with the ability to provide medical, entertainment, and therapeutic care. In general, they tend to be of two types; private and public.

Some of the services a nursing home provides are:

  • Distraction
  • Spreading
  • Socialization
  • Reading workshops
  • Medical care
  • Feeding
  • I take care
  • Help with daily activities

Currently, large investments have been made in this area. Every day the demand for first level silos grows more. So to believe that a decision like this is frowned upon is to have the wrong view of what a true nursing home is today.

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When to go to a nursing home?

There may be an idea that sending our seniors to a nursing home can be a callous decision. However, everything will depend on the visualization we have and especially on the reasons that drive us to make a decision like this.

Today a nursing home has great amenities that many times in our home we cannot provide for different reasons. This is precisely the focus of our article, we want to present five reasons that we must evaluate to reconsider a nursing home.

5 reasons to reconsider a Nursing Home

5 reasons to reconsider a Nursing Home

This is quite a subjective issue; since the reasons that drive a person or go to one of these specialized centers are quite varied.

However, we have carried out a fairly wide field study and we have come to the conclusion that there are 5 most common reasons that prompts the person to reconsider a nursing home for the elderly in the family. Let’s see what they are.

1. Lack of time

Many times it is not about not wanting to share and enjoy moments with our elderly; but simply because of work and other occupations, people have little time.

In most cases this is one of the reasons that drive people in charge; to older adults but who also occupy an important position in companies or government positions.

2. Medical conditions

There is a big difference between caring for an older person who is healthy to others who deserve special care. Therefore, no matter how much we want to provide care to our grandparents, it often escapes our hands.

Nursing homes have fully trained nursing and medical staff to provide different types of medical treatment. It is also one of the most important reasons for people to decide to purchase this service.

3. Food

It happens that when a person does not have the necessary time to care for the elderly in their family; the ability to provide a balanced and correct diet is necessarily affected. In fact, lack of time triggered a large number of reasons why people consider purchasing a nursing home service.

4. Company

Factors such as loneliness can be the cause of different emotional problems. Among them we can mention depression, one of the factors that have shown high growth in the adult population worldwide.

Therefore, from a nursing home a person will always be accompanied, in fact, socialization is one of the services that distinguish modern sanctioned people.

1. General needs

In short, there are many generalized needs that adults have and that many times we are not able to cover. Be it medical, therapeutic, physiological, emotional, nutritional and other requirements.

Recommendations before going to a nursing home

Among the recommendations that we offer is to always go to professionals. In the same way, you can try alternative service such as the ones offered in My Son Substitute. Before making a decision such as sending one of our family members to a nursing home, we recommend evaluating other options on the market.

Similarly, carry out a detailed analysis of the physical, psychological and emotional conditions of the elderly to make the best decision that is for the benefit and well-being of this person.

Try My Substitute Son service first

 My Substitute Child is an organization that provides specialized services for the elderly; but without the need for them to have to be hospitalized day and night. Our staff is highly qualified and trained to provide all kinds of care, both medical, psychological and even emotional.

We differ from a traditional nursing home because we bring the service to your home, providing partial care when you need it. Our work is aimed at older people who still have some independence.


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