Assistance centers for the elderly are common in almost any country and Costa Rica is no exception. Our country has different professional centers for the care of the elderly, the most famous of all is Verdeza . Would you like to know why they are so famous? Are your services suitable for me? Are your services of professional quality? Stay and find out everything you need in our post!

Senior centers or communities are places that should be professional.

At My Son Substitute , we not only offer you our accompaniment services for the elderly, we will also explain everything you need to know about Verdeza and its services. Do not miss it!

Verdeza Community for the elderly

First the basics: What is Verdeza and what are the values ​​that make it stand out from the rest?

Verdeza specializes in being a care center for the elderly , but its dimensions are so large that they work as a community for the elderly , where they are assisted and / or helped, all depending on the needs of the adult.

The main clients are not family members, the clients are the elderly, that is, our readers. This community focuses its activities on 3 main values :

    • Freedom for you !: If you look for the synonym of Verdeza , you will find that it is freedom. This comparison is used in Verdeza , because it is a community where each older adult lives on their own terms . In other words, the residents are totally independent, owning their own space, but without ceasing to be part of the community.
    • Friendship : residents will meet others who have the same concerns and feelings, where they will be able to create strong friendly ties and above all, they will form a second family.
    • Human warmth: residents not only interact with each other, also will relate to employees and / or employees of Verdeza , where all are professionals and participate in creating an atmosphere of trust. 

These 3 values ​​are one of the reasons why this community is one of the best in Costa Rica.

What services does the Verdeza care center offer ?

You already know that Verdeza is a care center for the elderly, which works as a community due to its large size. But most surely, the most common doubt must persist:

What services does this community offer?

Although it may seem surprising, Verdeza only offers 3 services , but these are more than enough. Which are? Don’t go and keep reading! The main services are the following :

  1. Permanent residence: this can be considered as the most luxurious service of all, because it is designed for older adults who want to live permanently in Verdeza . Are you one of those people? But there is something important, this service includes different assistance services, from basic, through memory support to full assistance. Everything will depend on your needs. 
  2. Recovery after an operation: this service is focused on those older adults who need a temporary stay, because they must recover from a medical / surgical intervention for a certain period of time. Do not worry! Your stay during this time will be totally professional.
  3. Share : This would be the simplest service of all in Verdeza , but it is also extremely necessary. This service is intended for older adults who want to experience this community for a few days or hours.

As you can see, these 3 services cover the needs of all older adults. 

The question everyone has: why is Verdeza one of the best centers in Costa Rica?

According to official data, Costa Rica is one of the countries with the highest rates of older adults living in nursing homes , the figures stand at 0.89%, only behind Chile and Uruguay with figures of 1.9% for both.

Verdeza Assistance Center for the Elderly

Around 166,000 people over 60 years old live in healthcare centers in Latin America and the Caribbean. Knowing these figures, the existence of communities like Verdeza is more than necessary . Therefore, this community is the best option you can have at your fingertips. 

Knowing that Costa Rica is one of the countries with the largest number of older adults living in care centers, it is normal that there are multiple places dedicated to the care of the elderly. In our country there are several professional centers , but Verdeza manages to stand out from all the others.

Why did Verdeza achieve the success it is?

This care center does not behave like a typical nursing home , in reality, they work as a large community made up of the elderly and Verdeza workers. 

This combination, together with the values ​​that they defend, were the causes of their resounding success.

Can Verdeza services be complemented?

This question may be on the minds of our readers, it is something totally understandable. This community offers excellent services, but there are older adults who are unwilling or unable to live in senior communities

Are you one of those people?

If yes, then you are on the correct page. Welcome to My Substitute Son , we are an organization focused on helping older adults who are independent, but looking for company.

Our organization is made up of young professional university students , who understand the loneliness that many older adults who do not want to be permanently in a community, like Verdeza , may be experiencing

What services do we offer?

We do not replace senior communities! We are not an asylum either! We only seek to help you with the following services:

  1. Accompany on walks
  2. We help in the kitchen 
  3. We can read him a book 
  4. Help with exercise.
  5. Learn something new on the computer

But this is not all! Our services are the accompaniment of the elderly , we do not replace the services of the assistance centers, we are young people who are born to help.

My Substitute Son are the companions you need for your day to day

Although our services are paid, they are the ideal complement for cases where the elderly do not want to spend all day in an assistance center, such as Verdeza .

If you want to be accompanied and helped in your day to day, my substitute son is the right place for you. Don’t hesitate to use our services!

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